Benefits plans that fit your business (yes, really)

In today's workplace, benefit plans are a necessity. They help attract and keep the best employees for your company. But how to know which plan to choose? And who has time to figure all of that out?

The truth is that benefit plans are best when they are customized to fit your unique business. Insurance can feel like a racket – until you need it. To get the right coverage, price and plan you need an experienced benefits specialist who will dig into your business to identify exactly what your employees and their families want and need to thrive. That's why you need Benefits by Design.

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Experience + Personal Commitment = Customized Solutions

The task of finding just the right insurance options and benefit plans can be a drain. How do you choose? What does it cost? What are your legal obligations? Do you get individual plans for key team members or opt for a group plan to cover the entire organization?

At Benefits by Design, our team shares with you our knowledge and experience. We ask you the right questions to determine the best options. And more than that, we're with you every step of the way, assisting you in navigating the benefits process. After all, this is something you know you need, but you may not know exactly how to manage it day to day.

As a health insurance brokerage with more than four decades of experience, Kristine Kassel and her team are the experts you've been looking for. But that's not all. We have the heart and compassion to ensure that your employees are taken care of, as if we are part of your team. Our team of professionals truly care about finding you the best coverage for your needs. And as a broker, we aren't limited to one company or policy type; we have a number of options at our fingertips.

Thanks to Benefits by Design - I got 99 problems and benefits ain't one.

In all seriousness, their customer support is exceptional.

Kristine and her team at Benefits by Design are experts at what they do and provide exceptional service. They helped us to customize our benefits plan to attract and maintain the best team and provide comprehensive benefits administration and support.

You won't find anyone like them.

Sara Mertel, Ph.D.,

Chief Executive Officer Young Mind Center

Your Outsourced Benefits Department

Creating a benefits package is more than just choosing the insurance plan with the right price. And, usually, that's enough of a challenge for many business owners all on its own! As a natural extension of your in-house team, we provide information and advocacy as day-to-day benefit questions and issues arise. Insurance-related questions? We're here to deal with the details and talk to your employees, and their family members. You don't even have to provide the coffee or tea to keep us fueled up. We truly are energized by providing you with the answers you need, and that every employee knows how to get the most value from the benefits they have. Benefits by Design is your one-stop, comprehensive benefits administration support.

Our Difference Is Your Benefit

Curious if you've got the right benefits and insurance plans? Let's talk. We want to get to know all about you and your team. No, we don't start with a form to get an online quote. We're more hands on than that (we do things differently). What we do have is proven expertise and insights—and we want to use that to help you. Click here to schedule a 15-minute conversation. We'll learn about you; you'll learn about us. And you'll likely see why our personalized approach results in more joy in business.

Working with Kristine and her team at Benefits By Design for over five years, we could not be more pleased with the responsiveness and expertise of the entire staff. Gabriel's Angels is a small organization but the treatment we receive makes us feel like the most important customer they have! Thank you Kristine for building such an amazing company.

Pam Gaber

CEO, Gabriel’s Angels